Sunday, February 7, 2010

My EXTREME wish list

My birthday is coming in just a few short weeks. I tend to have bad birthdays. I don't mean bad as in "my cake is dry" or "my friends forgot" bad, I mean close family members dying, having heart attacks on, house burning down kind of bad. For would-have-been (grand)father-in-law, the man who raised my husband, passed away on my 21st birthday. My dad had a heart attack about 10 years ago on my birthday. AND (drumroll please...), our condo burned down while we were out on my birthday, in 2002. Nothing like coming home to find your front door busted in, no power, furniture tossed everywhere, no signs of your kittehs, and your home filled with black nasty smoke. But I digress...
I try not to think about my birthday but it's kind of hard because it's the only holiday that's just for me. Being completely selfish in this blog post, I have decided to make an extreme wishlist. Some of the things are silly, and you'll probably be like "really?" but it's me, it's how I am, I can't help it.
  • A Kindle - the 6" would be fine, the other one is way too expensive
  • The movies "Just Friends" and "Role Models"
  • Brighton Fleur De Lis Heart charm for my charm bracelet
  • Princess cut diamond earrings
  • White gold or Platinum ring with Emily's birthstone
  • Dharma Initiative Swan Station t-shirt
  • A new pink skin for my blackberry curve because dude at the store totally gave me one that was "supposed" to fit mine and the package even said so but it sucks.
  • A new pink skin for my new iPod nano 5th generation. These are kind of a pain to find. As soon as I find one, I'm getting it.
  • Time to sew, knit or crochet at least one project. I am anxious to sew a small idea I have for a stuffed animal for Emily. Not sure if I can do it but I would like to try.
  • Skechers Shape-Ups

To be continued.....

Edit 2/9/10: Oh yeah, the 3rd season of Designing Women comes out on my birthday. So I want that too. As well as the 2nd season of The Patty Duke Show (duh!) that came out today.

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