Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Your Passion?

My friend and fellow blogger, Jen recently posted about her passions. I have decided to be very uncreative and "copy" her post. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, right?

What are your passions? What are my passions? Jen says that they can change and I feel that's true.

1. New Orleans - My first visit in 2002 changed my life. I fell utterly and completely in love with the city. I emersed myself in it. I love the music, the architecture, the history, the food, I even love the smell (as gross as it can be on Bourbon Street). I have taken to reading anything I can find on it. I was devastated when Katrina hit only 4 short months after my second visit. I love the city and would do anything to have a second home there in my retirement years.

2. Books and Reading - If you know me, you know that I feel naked without a book. I always have to have a book with me. It doesn't matter if I'm at a baseball game or going to a restaurant, I have to have a book with me. I love to read. Reading is like breathing. I can't live without it. I will read anything. As long as I'm reading, I'm keeping my mind active. I obviously love fiction first and foremost. I also love history books. If you saw my collection of books about the Titanic, you'd probably think I was a nut. At last count, it topped 80 different books. I can't learn enough. There's too much out there. In a fantasy world, I would have a room that was a library like in old homes and had such high shelves that you have to have one of those rolling ladders to reach anything. I love my books however, I have come to realize that in this day and age, I might actually benefit from getting an eReader; perhaps the Kindle. I think I'm moving toward keeping the books that I really love and buying those that I love and moving away from buying everything I want to read and then hanging on to them forever. As much as I love them, some books aren't worth the space they take up or at least they're not worth the space for so long.

3. Crafting - I love to craft. I'm no good at it but I love it. My mom is spectacular at it. She does everything. She bakes, makes gifts, does beautiful gift baskets, sews, scrapbooks, quilts, crochet, papercrafts, everything! None of it is tacky either! I have an entire room at my house which is my crafting space. Although it was put together when I was pregnant, I haven't used it. In fact, it's just my catch-all room right now. Part of the problem is I didn't have a radio or tv up there to listen to and I hate the quiet. Now I have one of those little portable boom box things for my iPod so I can listen to a book or something. Hoping to get the cable run up there as well. I don't have time for any of it. Knitting, I love it, finally kind of got the hang of it but there's no time to work on a project! Crochet as well. It's a lot faster but I haven't had the opportunity to do anything. My scrapbooks are obscenely behind. That may change. A girl (you can see her blog here) I went to school with and that I'm going to be in a wedding with invited me to a local open scrap she goes to every last friday of the month. I'm going to go this week. I'd like to at least get a couple of pages done. I'll post the results :)

I suppose that's it for now. Nothing life changing or worthwhile. As my friend Jen says that she's passionate at being a good wife and mother, I am as well. I'm no good at that either but I try. I worry most about Emily. I want her to be a good girl and I doubt myself anytime she gets sad or upset. I just don't want her to be what I call "a sticky-kid." Sticky kids are the kids that kind of never had rules and stuff growing up and just kind of got dirty and had kool-aid rings around their mouth and got in trouble and stuff. I don't want her to be a sticky-kid. My husband, he knows I try to be a good wife. At least I hope he knows. Lord knows we've been through enough that has tested me (no, nothing like Tiger Woods or anything..other stuff) but I try.


Whatifer said...

YEAH!!!! :) I might be in A2 later this week...lunch? tentatively?

Heather said...

I hope you see this comment but YES! Let me know :)