Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes Emily, you were an egg once...

Over Easter weekend, Kurin suggested that we dye eggs with Emily, it being her first Easter. Needless to say, Target's selection of egg dye was minimal at best. I basically had Sports or Transformers to pick from. After much scavenging, I did find a Hello Kitty kit. Score! I boiled the eggs Saturday night so that we could dye eggs Sunday morning. As easy as this sounds, I am clueless as to how to boil an egg. Special thanks to the Internet for helping me learn to do this correctly without eggs asploding everywhere (yes, asploding is a word in LOLcat speak). Here are our supplies. The egg kit came with a super-cute Hello Kitty chicken poster, and lots of little stickers and egg holders and whatnot.

Obviously Emily didn't do a whole lot when it came to the process but she was a good sport about dressing up in her Easter PJs, wearing her bunny hat and basically humoring Mommy and Daddy for a photo op.

Here is Emily with her Hello Kitty eggs. Daddy ate them soon after LOL
After fun with eggs, we headed to Grandma and Cedo's house for Easter Dinner. It was awesome. They made enough food for about 10 and it was 4 of us plus Emily.


We had ham, leg of lamb, arabic rice (hashweh), arabic potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, and green bean casserole. Yeeum!

Emily received an Easter basket from the bunny who lives at our house under our deck and then the Easter bunny that lives at Grandma and Cedo's house got her a basket too! She cashed in! Two books, a stuffed lamb, some stuffed bunnies, a puppy dog teething ring, and her first Longaberger basket (thanks Grandma).
All in all, it was a nice Easter....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Special Agent...Sean Astin?!? Really?

I read a blog on everyday called Pop Candy. It's pretty neat and lets me learn about what's new and cool in Pop Culture and what shows are good to watch, new music, etc. So, as I was looking at the highlights from yesterday's blog, I nearly choked. Whitney Matheson (writer of said blog) wrote something like "Wondering what Sean Astin's been up to? Check out this new interview with him." So naturally, everything got pushed aside while I followed the link. Sean Astin is currently the voice of Special Agent Oso. A small bear who is a special agent in training. It is a show on Playhouse Disney for preschoolers and younger. The objective is to teach the children how to do simple tasks or personal tasks (i.e. - brushing your teeth or making a friend) in 3 easy to follow and learn steps.

I am thrilled beyond words that I have a little one to watch this. I have told my dad (who is Emily's babysitter) that this is required watching LOL. Oh and bonus (for mom!), you can sign up to have Oso call your child with a personalized message! Did I say my child was Emily? I meant her name is "Heather."

Until next time America...