Wednesday, February 3, 2010

L O S T: Recap and Questions

So L O S T blew me away last night but I have to say...I was confused from the beginning! Isn't that what we all love about LOST, though? I'm going to just type out some questions I have, observations that I'm sure most of you noticed and try to keep this up this season. I'm hoping it will help me remember things as the series comes to an end (*weeping*).

*Flight 815 is in tact and the way Jack is acting, it's as if he knows something has happened but can't quite figure out what. (mind you, it's been a long time since I saw season 1 so if I'm mistaken in any facts, please please forgive me).

*DESMOND IS ON THE PLANE!! WTH brutha? Jack thinks he seems familiar but is this a result of the island meeting or way back when they ran into each other running up the steps of the stadium?
-In relation to this, as the plane is landing at LAX, Desmond has disappeared from his seat. Jack notices this but it's not shown what happened to Desmond...did he simply switch seats again as he had to sit by Jack or did he literally disappear.

*HURLEY IS THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE - things are obviously a lot different in this alternate universe. We all know that Hurley is not lucky at all.

*BOONE COULDN'T BRING SHANNON BACK - Boone is talking to Locke about their time in Australia and says that he went to bring his sister back from a bad relationship and that she ended up staying and not leaving with him. We all know what happened to Shannon in the plane crash scenario.

*WHERE ARE WALT AND MICHAEL? - we haven't seen them yet.

*WHY WASN'T CLAIRE ON THE PLANE? - we haven't been told why Claire wasn't "shown" on the plane, maybe she was there but we didn't see her..I doubt it. However, she was in the taxi that Kate jumped into in the end of the episode when running from the Marshall. Also, is Claire pregnant? We didn't see her below the neck...yet.

*CHRISTIAN SHEPHERD'S BODY NEVER GOT ON THE PLANE - could this be why the plane didn't crash as it did? Remember, the flight that the Oceanic Six had to take to get back to the island, they had to recreate events as close as possible, including taking Locke's body with them (as Christian's was on flight 815)

==tangent: Arnst! Remember him? He is shown on the plane, he's the science teacher who blows up early on in the series and Hurley says "Dude, you've got some Arnst on you."==

*WHY DOES JIN HAVE ALL OF THAT CASH?? - I haven't drawn any conclusions about that yet.

*We now know that "man in black"/Locke impersonator-guy (I hesitate calling him "evil Locke") is the Smoke Monster as indicated by him saying to Ben "I'm sorry you had to see me like that."

*Richard was very frightened to see impersonated Locke - what was meant when alive Locke said to Richard, "it's good to see you out of your chains" (or something like that)?

*Hurley could see Jacob - he listened to Jacob in order to help Sayid

*The temple is a healing place of some sort. Jacob told Hurley they had to take the guitar case and Sayid to the temple to save him. At the temple there are a bunch of hippies. I don't know who this new group is but I'm assuming they're like or are the Others. The stewardess from flight 815 is one of them as well as the 2 children from early on in the series. (Do you all remember them being spotted walking in the jungle after being "taken?")

*The group at the temple is a bunch of hippies, or at least they look like it. I'm not sure what this group is all about but the leader doesn't speak English (because he doesn't like the sound of it).

*The spring in the Temple is supposed to be clear. The temple people take Sayid into the pool and basically drown him. This is very strange considering they said that if their friend can't be saved, it means bad things for all of them.

*Bad things will come if Sayid dies? What does that mean? What is it about Sayid?

*Juliet DIES. I'm actually not as surprised about this as I thought I would be. I mean, she's on ABC's new show "V" so I'm sure that had something to do with it and that she did make an appearance alive in this premiere only to die early on, frees her up to go to her new show.

*Miles talks to/hears the dead - Ok, I totally forgot about this LOL but he finds out what Juliet was going to say to Sawyer .. "It Worked."

*What worked? What does Juliet mean? They're still on the island so what does she mean, "it worked?" hmmmm....

*Bernard and Rose! - still adorable but does Rose, not being on the island, have cancer in this alternate universe? My guess is yes because as we saw, Locke still can't walk.

*...and the OMGWTF moment, Sayid wakes up after being dead. Dead for awhile! In the words of Hurley, "Dude?!"

*Edit 2/5/10: OMG, I totally forgot...what about the island being shown under water near the beginning of the episode. ????

I'm sure I forgot a ton of stuff but I have one more thing to add that I never had a chance to before. These LOST supper portraits of the cast that were released prior to the start of the season. Notice Locke is in Jesus's position and Kate is actually positioned as Judas in both pictures (unless I have them tagged wrong). The difference between the 2 pictures are Claire and Miles's positions, and Sun and Ben's position. I think Miles and Claire's position switch is more important but I can't figure out why. What do you all suppose that means?

Anxiously awaiting your thoughts, comments and theories!


Anonymous said...

I have all the same questions. I haven't seen those Lost Supper pics before. I believe Kate is John (or if you believe Dan Brown, Mary Magdalene). It is hard to tell with some people standing and some sitting and some leaning etc.

What if Sayid is Judas? So Locke is Jesus but evil and Sayid is Judas but good? Sayid was resurrected from the dead... I think maybe Sayid is Jacob now so it will be an epic battle between good/evil Sayid/Locke but everything might switch at the end and Locke really is the "good" guy.

I'm so confused...

Ben and Sun switch but Claire sits where Miles was, Hurley sits where Claire was, and Miles sits where Hurley was, kind of a triangle.

Whatifer said...

Uh...I know that I don't really watch LOST (We are waiting to just get all the DVDs and have a LOST-fest, becasue we got got so F-ing confused while attempting to watch it on TV). But dang girl...I have NO CLUE what you just blogged.


btw - where is your office in A2?