Thursday, February 11, 2010

L O S T: Recap and Questions Ep. 2

I'm going to say it. You may not like it but I'm going to say it. I did not like this episode. In fact, I thought it sucked. Suckedy-sucked.


In the alternate LOST universe in which flight 815 lands safely at LAX, Kate escapes from her Federal Agent and hijacks a cab which contains a pregnant Claire. Claire begs her to let her go but Kate keeps pointing the gun at her and telling her no. Kate finally lets Claire out of the car but makes her leave her wallet and her bag behind.
Kate then manages to get her handcuffs off and goes to use the clothing assumed to be in Claire's bag when lo and behold there's a bunch of baby things in the bag. All of a sudden, Kate seems to feel very guilty and drives back to where she left Claire and asks her to get in and she'd take her where she's going. Here's where it gets unbelievable - even for LOST. Claire gets in the car! Seriously, would you do that if some handcuffed maniac jumped in the cab you were in and pointed a gun at you and your pregnant belly and then dumped you off somewhere, but then came back? Would you get in? Heck to the NO!
Anyway, Claire tells her that she's giving the baby to a couple and would Kate go up to the door (of the couples' house with her)? Really? Again, a gun-wielding crazy woman who just carjacked your cab...whatever. At the house, the lady is a douche and never told Claire that her husband left her and she can't take the baby. Claire goes into early-ish labor and they take off to the hospital. Kate by her side (gun-wielding maniac!) they see an ultrasound of Aaron performed by (AHHHH!!!) Ethan! It seems that Kate and Claire are now BFFs. They hold hands and everything. It was so effin' bizarre! Later, police come looking for Kate in the hospital room and Claire lies to them - says she hasn't seen her since she brought her in. LIAR! Why is she protecting Kate? Why are they so buddy-buddy so instantaneously? This whole storyline bugged the heck out of me.
In other news, the Others in the temple try to poison Sayid with a pill because he's probably the bad guy reincarnated using Sayid's body or something like that. Sawyer grabs a gun and takes off back to Dharmaville to mourn Juliet while telling "Freckles" not to follow him which of course she does. Jin goes along as well and at the end, he is acosted by a gun-toting woman - much like Danielle Russo - it's island Claire! *Poof* (then the L O S T comes on the screen).
This was a very rambling post but really, this episode wasn't the best. I'm tired also. Later...

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