Friday, November 27, 2009


Ok, so 2 blog posts in one day - I know! Shocking!
I was just thinking about stuff and had a thought (I know, that's shocking as well!). I'm 31 years old yet there are times when I still feel like the most unpopular person/nerd/unaccepted. I sometimes feel accepted but then there are little things that make me realize that I'm not as sophisticated as some of these people and therefore, I am left out. I don't like that feeling. It sucks. It makes me very self-conscious. I come from Ypsilanti. One of the hotspots for Kentucky and Tennessee refugees of the early-mid 20th century because of the manufacturing jobs. Well, Ypsilanti is a lot like "down south." You will find people who have lived up here for 40+ years and still have a thick mountain accent. I seem to think that I have a lot more of those characteristics than not. Simply put, I feel like I am more white "trashy" then I originally thought. I think this makes a bad impression on people and therefore I am shunned sometimes because of my "rough edges" (rough edges compared to those around me). Sorry that I wasn't a drama kid or went away to camp when younger or traveled to Europe or that I don't live as green as I should or drink coffee or eat chocolate. I'm weird ok? I get it. Just don't treat me like I'm ok some of the time but not always. It's not cool to blatantly leave someone out. No one wants to be the last kid picked if you know what I mean.

From Wicked
I'll Help You Be Popular!
You'll Hang with the Right Cohorts,
You'll be Good at Sports,
Know the Slang You've Got to Know.
So Let's Start,
'Cause You've Got an Awfully Long Way to Go!

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Whatifer said...

1. Hey - I'm from Ypsi, and I don't feel White Trashy!!? Are you kidding? you have an amazing career, that takes more than just a little bit of work - you are a SCIENTIST for goodness sake! How many Ypsituckians (is that a word?) can say THAT?? a handful, but not many. So waht if you are crass - it makes you a real person, rather than a shallow self-indulgent prick that cares more about what image they profess, rather than who they ACTUALLY are. you rock. that is all there is to it.

I hope you aren't comparing yourself to any AnnArborites...that's a whole 'nother breed there! 7 square miles, surrounded by the real world. Seriously - not a fair comparison. :)

AND...who are the actresses in that image/photo? I can't freekin' remember their names!!!!