Thursday, November 19, 2009


I enjoy not being ill. I am grateful for this actually. However, I become very perturbed when co-workers continue to come in sick. It does nobody any good if you come in and are coughing and hacking and sniffing and everything else. Just stay home. Don't be a martyr. Please. I don't want whatever you have. I don't mean any offense. Really. It's just common courtesy. This goes for people out in the public too. It's fairly common practice to cover your mouth and nose with your hand or sleeve when you sneeze or cough. Making the loudest noises possible when you sneeze and not covering your mouth/face/nose makes me a very angry person. It's not nice, it's not funny to sneeze as loud as possible. We all know you are capable of controlling your sneeze "levels". We've heard them at normal tones. It's NOT cute or funny. Cover your damn mouth/nose/face when you are sneezing, coughing or any other cold-like symptom that involves mucous of some kind (whether it be microscopic sized spittle or large chunks of goo). I'm tired of getting grossed out and feeling like I'm going to get stuff because of your irresponsible behavior.

While on the topic, wash your hands after using the restroom! I know you didn't...there are 2 stalls, I was in one, you were in one. You finished first and left the room. How can you do that? Especially knowing what goes around? It takes 30 seconds! Dang!

The trigger for my rant? I leave you with....
H1N1 Death Reported in Washtenaw Co. (and NO, I am not paranoid over H1N1...but people need to be cautious)

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