Sunday, January 24, 2010

It was a very good weekend...

I can actually say that I had a decent weekend. Friday evening, I watched the season finale of my guilty pleasure - Jersey Shore. Oh. My. Gosh. I nearly lost it when Snooki was dancing alone on the boardwalk. That girl is HILARIOUS. *I tried to find the clip on YouTube but no luck*

Saturday was TIGERFEST! Last year Tigerfest was about 8 degrees out. This year, it was nearly 40 degrees. Karen and I had early entry tickets. We got to meet Rick Porcello right away, we saw Verlander, Caberera and Armando Galarraga (see below). I think I was more excited to meet Jennifer Hammond from FOX 2 news :)

We also found the Tigers Photo booth where you can have your picture taken with various players (they switch out every half-hour) and we got our picture with Porcello

It was so much fun. We then headed to Greektown Casino for about an hour where I spent $10 and cashed out $25 - not bad for so little time and money spent.

Kurin had Emily all day so when I got home, I found my bebe' wearing a onesie and slippers. After dressing her, we went to dinner at Red Lobster. This may not sound exciting but I literally cannot tell you the last time we went to dinner together. It was fun! Emily was a good girl, especially when we had to wait a half-hour for a table.
Today, was a fairly relaxing day. Took Emily over to visit Grandma and Cedo and we went to breakfast. My mom and I then went to Babies 'R' Us because we hadn't been in so long. We both bought things for bebe' but I was super-excited to find a gift card in my wallet. I had the guy check the amount remaining (if any) on it and it was $50!! I only had to pay a little over $10 for the outfits I bought for her! Yay for surprise/forgotten gift cards!!

In other news...I have been promoted from bridesmaid in my friend Michele's wedding, to matron of honor. I'm am super-geeked. This is going to be a blast!
Overall, a good weekend....

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