Friday, January 15, 2010

Hip-Hop Ya Don't Stop

This week: -0.8 lbs

Total to date: -14.8 lbs

Let us also note that I attended an awesome hip-hop class at Lifetime fitness in Canton with my friend Brooke on Monday evening. She was so incredible to get me a pass to join her. I was so afraid to go because I thought I would totally embarrass her. See Brooke is like "my" Audrey Hepburn. She is this icon that I've just adored since jr. high and high school. She was always very popular, pretty, cheerleader-y etc. One thing that always made me like her was that she was nice to me. I remember running into her at Meijer in jr. high (I was a total hot mess in Jr. High - who wasn't?) and she actually said hello to me and was very friendly! I thought, wow, this popular cool girl actually said hello to me and was very nice. From then on, I always admired her..SO, having reconnected with her a few years ago through Jenny (who always was very nice to me and would walk home with me from the bus stop because she lived on the same street and was very tall, pretty and skinny and funny) we have become friends. Needless to say, I was thrilled (and kinda honored) to be invited to attend this class. OMG!!! This class was totally amazing and I could have went on dancing/moving for another hour or more. It was so fun. I felt like such a bad-ass even though I know I sucked but OMG it was fun. I can't get over it. I wish the place wasn't so far away from my home because I would totally join even just to take that class twice a week.
I am looking into alternatives closer to me. If anyone knows of any good hip-hop classes in Washtenaw County, let me know!

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