Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I knew it - it's my own fault

Due to a very overdue night out and dinner at Red Lobster, I am now up 1.6 lbs. Sorry but cheddar bay biscuits were totally worth it.

Total: -13.6 lbs

I'm back on track this week for sure. I'm going to make that 1.6 lbs my bitch this week. LOL


Disney said...

A biscuit is always worth it!! (why does food have to taste good??!!)

I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I was so touched by your comment on my blog, and I'm so happy that I could help brighten your day!
Keep up the great work, 13 lbs is quite an accomplishment!

Heather said...

Thank you Disney! :) I appreciate your stopping by. I do love your blog. Can't wait to see more!

JDub57 said...

Sometimes the indulgence is worth it. I ate out twice this week, three courses, including dessert. Then I had birthday cake. Or should I say birthday ice cream because it was an ice cream "cake" but there was disappointingly no "cake" in it. Whatever. I did eat less of all these said foods than I would've before, so I am focusing on that. I consider myself a foodie of sorts, and I'm not just going to eat 1/2 a chicken breast and plain steamed vegetables everyday. I refuse!

Heather said...

Jess - the indulgence was worth it. For Sure!