Saturday, March 13, 2010

Encyclopedia of Me

I was recently invited to join in a scrapbooking night in my community by a former high school classmate that I've reconnected with because we are both bridesmaids in our friend's wedding. How cool is it that I have a new scrapping friend? She is amazing! So creative and makes my easy layouts look like the white-trash of scrapbooking LOL She has even attended CKU (that's Creating Keepsakes University)! Whoa!
She showed me the projects she was working on and I fell in love! I'm not that creative but I am hoping to give it a shot. She showed me her "Encyclopedia of Me" album that she is working on. The basic layout of the album is to set it up like and Encyclopedia. You feature journaling regarding several things for each letter of the alphabet that makes up you. Each letter also features two pictures of two of those items. Say you have 5 entries for the letter "A", you would only have 2 pictures though. You can also do cross-referencing so that you can feature more things by using different letters. Erica, oh wise scrapbooking goddess, shared with me the formulas and write-ups of how to assemble this album. For example you could do a feature on "B" titled "Best Friend" but then I would put "see also Danielle" and also have an entry about Danielle under "D". It sounds confusing but if you saw the instructions and such, it would probably make more sense.
I don't typically do albums like this. I usually do yearly albums featuring the major events of the year. Your standard Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Vacations type albums. More of a chronological style. I still like that but I think this "Encyclopedia of Me" could be an additional project.
I first need to determine my entries for each letter. I know I am very lazy regarding this blog but I truly am trying to be better. I'll give it a rough start and add to it as we go.
Wish me luck!

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