Monday, June 1, 2009

My Mission (Should I Choose to Accept It aka If I Have Time).....

1. I must, must, must find my prom photo albums. I have fantabulous pictures of a bunch of friends in there that I must scan and put on facebook so that people can laugh (good natured laughing of course).

2. Still need to complete my homework from Kerry by watching The Da Vinci Code. I have actually inserted the disc into the DVD player. Baby steps people...

3. Have to find the Einstein Bobblehead Happy Meal toy from McDonald's. I think I may have this one pegged but I will know tonight. Must get 2: One for myself and one for my boss (he loves toys too). I would take the Easter Island Head too..

4. Start a crochet project that I hope Stink (aka Danielle) can help me with to be done by July 4th for my dad's birthday. I'm not holding my breath but we'll see.

5. Mail pictures of Emily to Kurin's relatives in AZ and IL. Grrr....I got the envelopes addressed but need to organize my pictures to give to them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One day I will come over and I can help while I play with Emily :) Just tell me when you want me.