Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coach (no, not the show starring Craig T. Nelson)

Thanks to my friend Roxanne K., I got an awesome deal on this Coach purse (...well, my mom did). Roxanne passed on a coupon for 20% at the Coach factory store when she saw that I was going to Frankenmuth. We were going to stop at Birch Run outlets and go to a few stores so this was very nice of her. Last year I got a super-fantastic deal on a Coach purse but doubted I could top it.
Well, I saw this bag at the back of the store and all of these people were around the table with these on them - best of all, it's all leather and PINK. They are $329 retail. They were marked down to $199. From there, they were on clearance for the weekend 50% off ($99). SO...I got another 20% off of $99 and the purse was literally like $80. You can't even get a "not" Coach purse for that! Yipee! Thank you momma and yes I know it's part of my Christmas present.


Roxanne said...

That is a beautiful bag! I'm so glad you could use the coupon and end up getting such a good deal on it. I'm jealous!!!

tiffany said...

there are very few things that i love more than the coach outlet. my aunt takes me to the one in park city every year at thanksgiving and it's possibly my favorite day of the year. which is weird, because i'm not much of a label whore. i just have a coach problem.