Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, this post may not be exactly what it should be but bear with me. Last Sunday morning, Granny died. I know it hasn't sunk in yet. I keep thinking that it didn't happen. It's really very strange. I know that she had a small stroke in December, but she didn't have any real issues with that. There was no paralysis, her speech was slightly affected but not slurred, her word-finding was the problem but within a few days, it was back on track. They did surgery to unblock her carotid artery and she was back to being Granny again. So, although people say "she was old" and "she lived a good life", while that's all well and true, it wasn't time. I don't believe it. I just had lunch at Arby's with her on Wednesday and she gave me a birthday card. It was expected but not expected, you know? I don't know when it will sink in. I did not like the funeral (well, who does though?). I did not like seeing my Granny laying there. I was very sad. I am very sad but I'm not sad like last week. I'm sad but I feel more confused because even though I sometimes can be smart, I don't believe this happened. It just seems weird that I'll never, ever see her again. To me, right now, that's not right. So, to wrap my head around this and to maybe stop rambling on and on, I am going to make "Granny Lists." The first one is what she ate at restaurants. I'm so afraid I'll forget everything.

What Granny Ate

  1. Arby's - Back in the old days, it was the Ham and Cheese sandwich, then it became chicken strips, and most recently a Jr. Roast Beef with Arby's Sauce, curly fries and Pepsi
  2. Big Boy - Slim Jim combination, no lettuce on the sandwich, fries and coleslaw
  3. Taco Bell - 2 soft taco supremes
  4. Wendy's - She used to get a Single with cheese, mayo, tomato and onion, fries and a Pepsi. More recently she got chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, fries and a Pepsi
  5. Bob Evan's - Years ago she would always get the Chicken 'n' Noodles, more recently is was breakfast: The Homestead with scrambled eggs, home fries, sausage patties and biscuits and gravy
  6. Leo's - Usually breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, sausage patties, hash browns and white toast
  7. Cracker Barrell - The Old Timer's Breakfast with 2 eggs scrambled, sausage patties, hashbrown casserole, and biscuits with gravy, no grits. For dinner she sometimes got the Country Vegetable plate with dumplings, coleslaw, hasbrown casserole and macaroni and cheese
  8. O'Charley's - Chicken fingers dinner
  9. Herc's (VERY old) - Salisbury Steak, a piece of custard pie
  10. Mark's Coney Island - Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, baked ham, hash browns, white toast. Lunch: Coney burger and fries (a LONG time ago)

One of the funny things Granny did with her food was when she would eat a french fry, she would not eat the ends. So, at the end of a meal, there would be all of these little pieces of ends of french fries. I never understood why but I thought it was cute.


jennybeanie said...

Oh Heather :( I am so sad for you. I know when I lost my Grandpa I was in total disbelief. We talked every Friday at 3:00 and now we just don't. It's been 5 years but it seems like it was just yesterday. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I wish I had thought to do what you're doing. I feel like I am forgetting so much. I don't even remember what our last conversation was about, I only remember that he was crabby.
My heart breaks for you because I know just how you feel. I'm looking forward to reading many more Granny lists!
Love you!

hcamel24 said...

Thank You Jenny...I know it's all random crap but I don't want to forget anything. She was so sweet and was never mean or anything. We always went out to eat and stuff so that was kind of pointless but also a big point. Know what I mean? I'm sorry about your grandpa :( I did not have one, she was widowed in 1958 and then my dad's parents never really wanted anything to do with me because my daddy married my mom (white girl). So I never knew them. Thanks for your comment :) Love you too! Miss you!

Jobi Harrell said...

Finally catching up on long overdue reading. This really spoke to me...I love the memories of my grandmother's orders -She was a Bill Knapp's kindof gal: Ham Croquettes. In other new -I also do not typically eat the ends of my French Fries.