Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's up? (or should I say down?)

What's up? As the title of this blog states, I should say, "what's down?" What's down is my weight! Not by much but I've got a good start.
October 5th - start weight (Ha! Like I'd tell you....)

October 12th - -4 lbs

October 19th - -2.8 lbs

October 26th - +.4 lbs (I mistakenly read this earlier as +.2 lbs...oops!)

So in total, I am down 6.4 lbs since October 5th. It's not a lot but it's a start and I'm semi-proud of myself. I've really stuck to this as closely as I can. I think I'm doing ok. The 26th kind of made me very upset but I'll keep trying.

I also made a huge decision with regards to my addiction - Coke.
I have been very good at having only one soda a day since October 5th. I have had more than one on about 2 occasions but based on the principles I'm following, I was within the rules. Today, was different. I had my usual pop at lunch feeling completely guilty all the while. My coworkers K and C and I were talking when the conversation turned to my problem with pop and how C drinks Coke Zero and K enjoys Diet Dr. Pepper. I can't do diet. I just can't. I remember when my mom switched to Diet Pepsi and I felt like I was drinking cold medicine or something. That after-taste is just beyond anything I could tolerate. I was never able to get past it and now if I have a sip of diet, I feel like I'm going to gag. I know, I know, it's just a psychological thing but still...
I felt brave today. I, along with C and K's encouragement, bought a Coke Zero out of the vending machine to give it a try.
Oh. My. God. It was good..not just good, but pretty damn good! I quite enjoyed it! The after-taste I feared wasn't there and it was like I had discovered the most wonderful thing in the whole world. I truly, truly enjoyed it! I even....*gasp*...finished the entire bottle. Look! I have proof!

I am also in love with Morningstar Veggie burgers right now; especially the mushroom ones. Slap one on a sandwich thin with some mustard. YUMMEH! I haven't been very good this week. I'm trying but it was difficult a couple of days. I don't snack, my problem is just food in general at my meals. Grrr...BUT, I'm trying.

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