Monday, May 18, 2009

Homework Pt. 1

Homework assigned to me by Kerry M. - and she thought I wouldn't do it. I thought it best that I do a report as well.

A comedy starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly

Date Watched: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Grade: A-

I initially began watching this film several months ago, only to turn it off because I was very tired and didn’t want to miss any of it.
Kerry seems to think that I only watch Best in Show and would like me to broaden my horizons by watching this film. It wasn’t exactly a question of whether I would like it or not but when would I have time? I also did not want to disturb my “disturbing” habit of watching the same things over and over and over like I so often do. The fact is, I own this movie. I’ve owned it since December 25th, 2008.
Before leaving on her 1 year wedding anniversary trip, Kerry assigned me to watch two movies. I actually had time on Sunday afternoon where all I was doing was writing out some note cards. Kurin was outside doing yard work and Emily was napping. Yes!
I popped the DVD in and enjoyed it a lot. Some of my favorite parts include:
1. “Did we just become best friends? “ – Brennan (W.F.) “Yup!”- Dale (J.C.R.)
2. The fact that they both sleep walk and Brennan’s character puts his mother’s purse in the freezer.
3. Brennan’s younger brother and his singing family singing Sweet Child of Mine. Awesome.
4. The end where Horatio Sanz plays the lead singer for the Billy Joel tribute band “Uptown Girl” – they only play Joel’s 80s songs though.
5. The finale: When Brennan sings and Dale plays drums.

I loved it. I can see this easily becoming one of my new favorites. Totally better than Semi-Pro which I forgot to tell Kerry I watched one night on cable and hated it.
**Special coolness rating goes to Mary Steenburgen (one of my faves) for being Will Ferrell’s mom in this and his stepmother in Elf. She also starred in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (one of my FAVES) with John C. Reilly.


kiwiwestwood said...

Nicely written. Glad you FINALLY took the time to watch such a fabulous movie. You did leave out my favorite quote however. "Your voice sounds like a cross between Fergie and Jesus." Super awesome! Thanks for the report!

hcamel24 said...

Yeah, that was my favorite and I dropped the ball and left it out of my report. You can mark me down for that. Once I find the other DVD, I'll take care of the second half of my assignment.