Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work, Entrepreneurship and Baby Dragons

So today has been a good day at work. Well, not really but yes really. The not really is that Kerry went home sick which is sad and I've had no one to talk to all day (except Danielle when I manage to go across the parking lot to the other building but it's pouring rain..or was and I didn't feel like it much and this is probably the longest run-on sentence ever).
However, the good part is that I got to do some fun stuff that I haven't been able to yet and that was enjoyable. Also, I'm constantly thinking about ways to be crafty (more for Danielle than I) I just don't have the talent but I love to find ideas or suggest things to her and she whips it out and that makes me almost as happy as making things myself. So I had a pretty neat idea today and I hope we can both accomplish this idea because it's short and sweet and could possibly bring in a little moohla.
In other and dad are off to Sin City tomorrow. They are off to Vegas to go to a conference that my mom is attending for work and daddy's tagging along. This means that Emily gets to stay with her Great-Grandma Gay tomorrow. Ooh! That will be a nice change for her. I think my dad is going to have a hard time though. He's going to be having Emily withdrawl as well as Lily (aka baby dragon) withdrawl. Lily is my parents' miniature pinscher who is more pinscher than miniature if you catch my drift. She's adorable but obnoxious at the same time. I love her, she's my sister.
So, I am still hoping to post more. I just had a 10 minute break and wanted to jump on and say "hey!"

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YAY! I'm a label! LOL